Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Quick gettaway to the Mountains...

Stopping for 'bocadillos' (sub-type sandwiches) on the way!
Life has been so busy at the start of this fall, but we made a point of getting away one day that we had free.  The kids had a day off one Monday, and the weather had been so beautiful, so we decided to escape to the mountains for the day.

It's so tiny in this pic, but at the very top of that peak is a white cross.

It was a holiday, so the area was extremely crowded with people.  In this natural park, there are several areas for picnicking and even making paella, but those spots were so full of people.  Our goal was to get away, so we traipsed up into the mountain side with our bagged lunch and found a little ravine that was just off the trail.  There's not a whole lot of grassy spots here in Spain... rocks seems to be the norm. :)  So, we found a big rock to spread out our meal, and everyone found a little "seat" nearby!

After eating, Carolina decided her "seat" needed to become a "stage."  :)
We ate our bocadillos and then the boys wanted to explore.  Carolina decided she wanted to stay and build a city with rocks.  So the boys took off and Carolina and I began to build!

Once the boys returned, they helped build, too!  Daddy was the best at getting the big rocks all stacked up on top of each other.

Once we finished our city of rocks, we decided to go check out the rest of the natural park.

The is a monastery in the Sierra Calderona National Park

We tried several times to get a family pic, but man is it hard! :)  These were our best two... wrinkled noses and lots of squinting. :) ... but we sure had fun together!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Carolina's 7th Birthday!

A birthday card from Nana and Granddaddy!
I have to be honest.  After 3 boys, I was really apprehensive about having a little girl.  I was pretty good at boys... but I had NO CLUE about little girlies!  Even though I was a scared out of my mind at first, I am SO thankful for my little princess.  There is absolutely nothing like having a little friend by my side.  My boys are wonderful... but it's different!  Carolina and I have so much fun together.  Every night, she enjoys what she calls her "cooking class" as she helps me with dinner... cutting up any veggies I need cut, stirring whatever is cooking on the stove, etc.  I thank my Lord everyday for the joy this little girl brings to our family!

I do have to say, though... there was something different about 7.  I told Wes, I feel like there was a switch that flipped on (or maybe off?) the moment she woke up on her 7th birthday.   I pray every night when I tuck her in (among other things, of course...), that the Lord would fill her with His sweetness... and He has done just that.  She has such a tender heart.  She thinks of others first.  She is definitely her own person, there's no doubt about that.  She's opinionated, and she knows what she wants, but she it also makes her happy when others are happy.  My sweet girl.

She's never really been a snuggly girlie... even as a baby, she was constantly on the move.  But she has always given hugs, specifically to me; because she knows that Momma needs hugs... and not just hugs.  Momma needs to hold Carolina.  I just crave it!  As she changed and grew from a baby into a little girl, it was like she knew this; so even though she didn't need/want hugs, she would still make a point of holding Momma, for my sake!  I would laugh, because sometimes she would even say to me, "Ok? Is that good?"  As in... "Is that enough for you, Mom?... can I go now?" :)

On her 7th birthday, it was like she grew up overnight!... she seems so old and busy.  She hardly has time to think about giving Momma hugs!  She is sweet, kind, selfless,  fun, and full of adventure...and she's definitely growing up... way too fast, for my liking!!!!! :)

One good thing... she still likes princesses!  I guess she can't be TOO old, then, right?!?! :)  For the 3rd year in a row, she wanted a princess birthday.   This year, we just decided to do "princess" in general, rather than one specific princess. :)

She had a special day, from the moment she woke up!

Her special, requested birthday breakfast!: eggs, bacon, and potatoes... and coffee! :)

Then out the door to school!
We pick the kids up at 12:30 for lunch, so we went out together for her special day...

Then, later that night, we had a small birthday party for her with our co-workers.  This is playing games together after dinner...

Then it was time for presents!  Carolina insisted on wearing her "princess" dress from Grandmommy. :)

All her brothers have a yo-yo, so that's the one thing she asked for.
Carolina and her favorite friend Lukas!
The boys and Vicky playing together

Then it was time for cake!
Her "princess" cake!... well, a 'pull-apart' cake made of cupcakes. :)

Grandmommy was on Skype of course...
She got to celebrate her 7th birthday with some of her favorite people in her life!  It was a very fun day together.  If she seems this old at 7,  I can't imagine what 8 will hold?!?!  How does time fly by so fast?!?!